Thursday, February 20, 2020

A Whole New World for Google Form Data

Think about all the different ways we use Google Forms in education...assessments, exit tickets, surveys, RSVPs, logs, and more! Well, Google Forms feed Google Sheets. And Google Sheets feed Google Data Studio!

While Google Forms does have its own basic reporting tools (bar charts and pie graphs), if we attach the Google Sheet results of a Google Form to Google Data Studio, we can do so much more with the data! Not only in terms of visualizing the data, but also in terms of sharing the data. I want to present two examples that illustrate how amazing this can be.

First, an example from Craig Sheil who used Data Studio to visualize the results of a student survey about social media use at Bedford (NH) High School. In previous years, the results of the survey were shared with students via Google Slides (using screen shots of the graphs from the Form results). This year, the results were compiled into a Data Studio report, including some interactive filters, allowing for a dynamic exploration of the data.

The second example is based on work by Elissa Malespina who created a Google Data Studio report of student reading log data back in October of 2018 (while at Somerville Middle School in NJ). When I saw her example, I was really excited to see Data Studio being used with students (and amazed at how ahead of the times Elissa was!). However, I knew that some of the Data Studio updates since 2018 could really enhance what she had already started. I reached out and she agreed to share the (anonymized) data with me, so that I could update her report with some new features.

I've extended the example to illustrate how one data set could be used to display data to different audiences. The first page shows the school-level data, with lots of built-in interactive filters. The subsequent pages show classroom-level data and student-level data, which could be built with either report-level filters or using the new Filter By Email feature in Data Studio.

What Google Form data do you have that might lend itself to a Data Studio report? I'd love to find some more examples of student-submitted data to use to build reports! Or, if you've already built a report, please submit it to the K-12 Data Studio Report Collection!

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