Thursday, January 23, 2020

In-Field and Out-of-Field Educator Designation Report

Over the past week, school districts in Massachusetts received information as to whether their teachers are designated as "in-field" or "out-of-field" for the courses they are teaching. Under new requirements under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education annually summarizes this information and posts it in School and District Profiles and School and District Report Cards.

This information was delivered in an Excel spreadsheet to the DESE Security Portal > Drop Box Central > EPIMS File Exchange, and has the file name like In_field_data_2019_xxxxxxxx.xls. If you convert this file to a Google Sheet, you can use it as the data source for a simple report I've created to explore this data.

This report uses a pivot table as a filter, so that you can click anywhere in the summary table to filter the data. In the example below, I've clicked the "N" column for Sample1 School, and the list below updates to show the 6 educators who are Out-of-Field and why.

Feel free to check out the report template (which contains sample data), and follow the instructions to connect your own Google Sheet as the data source to create your own copy of the report. As always, please make sure the link sharing settings on your reports and data sources are are turned off, so that if you need to share the file you are sharing only with designated, authorized individuals.


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  1. This is awesome Laura! We had just said maybe Laura will work on a report to help with this! Thank you!!!