Friday, November 22, 2019

Google Data Studio Report Catalog

I've been developing (and blogging about) Google Data Studio reports for Massachusetts schools for about a year now, and I realized it was becoming difficult to locate specific reports since they were embedded in blog posts. So I've created a searchable "report of reports" catalog with links, so now the individual reports are much easier to find!

 Please visit and check it out! Please feel free to provide any feedback, or ideas for new reports and visualizations. You can find me on Twitter sharing additional resources @tiltondata.


  1. Wow!! Thank you so much for putting this together!! I definitely will be using it!! Do you happen to have (or have plans for putting together) a template for a scatter plot for MCAS and MAP? This is something I think my teachers would love to see!

  2. Hi Laura! Thanks for alerting me to this resource - Nice job and I'm sure it will be helpful for many educators. I will be adding this to the Google Data Studio Resource finder. If I get enough resources on the K-12 space I will make a new section for them.