Friday, October 25, 2019

Holy Data Gamechanger! MassCUE, Conditional Formats, and More

I had the opportunity to present at the MassCUE conference this week (Harnessing the Power of Google Data Studio in Education) and was thrilled that the session was standing room only! Educators are hungry for simpler, more powerful ways to explore their data, and Data Studio is an amazing solution. My favorite Twitter response to the session? "Holy Data Gamechanger!" Pretty accurate, I'd say!

Speaking of gamechangers, this week Google added conditional formatting to Data Studio! Now we can color code tables or scorecards in Data Studio based on the value. Currently only 10 conditional formatting rules can be applied, so adding the same formatting to science in the same table right now isn't possible...hopefully this will be expanded in the near future.

Speaking of Twitter, I hope you'll follow me @tiltondata for resources and ideas related to data use to improve teaching and learning - Google Data Studio and beyond!